Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Oil, gas and petrochemical Industries are one of the most important infrastructures and factors of establishing sustainable development in Iran that provide more than half of gross national products “GNP”. Behan Trading Company was established in oil, gas and petrochemical sector in 2004 with the aim of providing & supplying for specialized products, management, consultation, investment and partnership in oil, gas and petrochemical field.

By its effective presence in this industry and with the successful implements & execution of more than 250 projects, benefitting from creativity, adopting intelligent and committed views with the  use of efficient management, modern technical & engineering knowledge, financial and credit worthiness , Behan Trading Company has a significant role in this industry as a leader and  strategic enterprise company.

In view of sustained development and growth in Organization’s excellence, Behan Trading Company has drawn up the 10- year old vision, and by using scientific standards, observing engineering principles, collaboration with the best consultants, clients, contractors and domestic and foreign manufactures, can present the most desirable and highest quality services in procuring products in oil and gas, project management, investment and consultation in this sectors at the highest level. Behan Trading Company recognizes ”Commitment and Responsibility” as its greatest distinction and this important view has led to a significant improvement in the increasing process of Company’s growth in the years ahead. Currently, this Company has a brilliant record of working with almost all major scale governmental clients and has close cooperation with tens of capable domestic and foreign manufacturer. In particular, Behan Trading Company has the most significant and brilliant records in steels, pipelines, piping materials and industrial facilities in working with National Iranian Oil Company, National Iranian Gas Company and the subsidiaries’ companies of these major organizations in Iran, and we are confident in our continuous growth and development in the upstream and downstream  of this industry’s market.