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About us

Oil, Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Water and Energy is one of the most important infrastructures and factors for creating sustainable development in Iran and allocated for more than half of the GDP (Gross domestic product).
Behan Trading Co (B.T.C) was established in 2004 with the goal of providing specialized products, management, consultation, investment and partnership in  petrochemical, refining, water, energy ,construction, oil and gas industries. This company with an effective presence and successful implementation of more than 250 projects and using creativity as well as smart and responsible look and using efficient and effective management, up-to-date technical and engineering knowledge and appropriate financial and credit ability, plays a significant role in this industry as a leading company.

Considering the sustainable development and growth of organization’s excellence
Behan Trading Co (B.T.C), by planning the company's 10-year vision and using scientific standards and observing engineering principles, cooperation with the best consultants, clients, contractors and domestic and foreign manufacturers, can provide the most worthy services In supplying materials and also has the ability to manage projects, investment and consultation in this field at the highest level.

Behan Trading Co (B.T.C) considers “Commitment and Responsibility” as its core competency and this principle has led to a significant increase in the company's growth trend in recent years.

At present, Behan Trading Co (B.T.C) has a brilliant background of cooperation with almost all major government clients in the country and works closely with tens of capable domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Behan Trading Co (B.T.C) has the most and brilliant records, especially in the field of construction Steel, Pipelines, piping materials and Industrial equipment, with the most famous clients, and believes that in the upstream and downstream of industry market, will continue to grow and develop.